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Exciting Opportunities for People in Palma

Exciting Opportunities for People in Palma

Is A Career At Sea For You? 

Have you ever wanted a job or career that is a bit different to the norm? Does the sound of travelling to different parts of the world whilst being paid sound appealing? What about exploring the different oceans the world has to offer? If this sounds interesting then a career away at sea maybe for you!

If you have ever become tired of your current job and considered a career change working away at sea may provide the perfect solution for you. With the sea trade economy expected to double in the next 20 years a career away on the worlds oceans can provide a promising future filled with endless opportunities. There are many reasons why to choose a career away at sea. From travelling to different countries, potentially earning great wages and meeting new friends and connections amongst many reasons why this is an option you should consider (click here to view our top 10 reasons to work away at sea NOW)

There are several different types of sea vessels available job roles can be obtained. These include:

  • Private Yachts
  • Cruise Ships
  • Ferry Ships
  • Workboats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Shipping & Cargo Vessels
  • Crew Transfer Vessels
  • Plus many more!!

Opportunities in Palma

If a career away at sea sounds the life for you and you are based in Palma it would be worth considering working on Private Yachts. The Maritime community on the Island of Majorca is huge and ever growing, and never more so than in Palma. Palma is home to the Islands’ largest port and has became one of Europe’s go to hubs for Private Yachts.

Why Private Yachts?

Working on Private Yachts can be a very rewarding career choice. This sector has a professional structure that often leads to job longevity. With approximately 10,000 yachts in operation, the global private yacht industry has a combined annual turnover of €24 billion with over 50% of this amount generated in Europe.

The Private Yacht industry demands high standards but the personal and financial rewards on offer make the high expectations worthwhile. Starting salaries for Junior or ‘Green’ crew averages around €2,500 per month and this can vary slightly higher or lower depending on the role and the size of the Yacht. Plus, it is often known that crew can receive very generous cash tips from guests and owners from time to time!

What Roles Are Available?

The most common roles new candidates start off on Yachts include the Deck and Interior departments. These departments often recruit new crew who have little to no experience. Both areas offer great career pathways.


The Interior departments are collectively responsible for the cleaning & maintenance of the interior and interior equipment and for delivering the highest standard of service and food to the owner and/or guests. Common departments found on most vessels are Galley (kitchen), Laundry, Housekeeping and Guest Services.


The Deck department is responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel, loading & discharging of equipment, vessel stability and the safe operation and maintenance of the hull and deck equipment.

With job experience, career development and further qualifications crew members can advance in to higher roles and other departments such as Engineering and vessel operations, maybe even Captain one day!

How Do I Start?

Ok, so you have decided a career in Private Yachts is for you. Your ready to go and begin a new adventure away at sea. Where do you start?

Before you can be considered for available roles all candidates must obtain 2 industry required certifications, STCW Basic training and an ENG1 Medical.

STCW Training

The STCW Basic Safety Course is the legal mandatory training required for anyone looking to work on board commercial vessels over 24 meters in length, including  Private Yachts. This course is made up of 5 different modules and takes one week to complete. The different training modules equip you with knowledge and understanding of safety standards and procedure onboard commercial vessels and how to handle emergency situations that can occur away sea.

The cost of this course on average in Europe/ UK is €1200 and the certificates you receive are valid for 5-years. Seascope now offers this course right here Palma on a regular basis. For more information on what is involved in this course and for upcoming dates CLICK HERE. 

ENG1 Medical 

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) stipulates that all Seafarers must hold a valid medical certificate before they can work away at sea on a commercial vessel.

The ENG1 Medical is a 30-40 minute standard medical examination with an approved Doctor.  It’s purpose is to ensure that anyone employed on any sea-going ships, meets a minimum standard of health. The ENG1 Medical costs on average €150 and a full certificate is valid for 2-years.

Locations that offer ENG1 Medicals in Palma include Club de mar Medical and the British Medical Centre.

Applying for Roles

Now that you have your STCW training and ENG1 Medical in hand you are eligible to apply for available roles on Private Yachts. There are various ways to apply for roles:

Agencies- There are many credible Yacht Crew Agencies that are always actively looking to receive details of new available candidates. The Agencies often recruit directly and on the behalf of the Private Yachts and a great way to find your first position. Agencies will often request a CV and copies of your STCW & ENG1 Medical certification. 

based in Palma may be a good place to look first.

Recommended agencies based in Palma include:

Facebook Groups- A popular and effective way of find your first role is to join the many Yachting Facebook groups available. These groups are a hive of activity and have a very helpful community to all members whether you are a newbie or a sea veteran. Members share available roles on Yachts and provide help and tips. It is also a great platform to post about yourself so potential recruiters can see you are available for roles.

The Palma Yacht Crew Facebook group is a great community to be a part of and very active with available roles and industry updates and information.

Go For It!

Now you know how to start you career away at sea on Private Yachts there is nothing left to do but just go for it! Give it everything you have got, don’t hold back and never give up. This could be the career that transforms your life and opens a life of opportunity, rewards and adventure.

“Man cannot discover new oceans without the courage to lose sight of the shore”

We Are Here For You

If you are interested in a career away at sea on Private Yachts and need more help Seascope is here for you.

If you would like further information, FREE career or training advice from our experts please feel free to contact us anytime:

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