Our office and classrooms are centrally located in the town of Antibes.  We are right beside Port Vauban, which is the largest yachting harbour in Europe, accommodating over one-thousand yachts ranging in size from 5 to 180 meters.  Due to its central location and ease of access to other ports along the French and Italian rivieras, Antibes is considered the most popular destination for crew wishing to embark in the Yachting Industry.  You will find a town catering to the yachting industry, with budget priced crew accommodation and a number of crew agencies to help you to find work.  Check out our News page for some tips about finding work.

Our Firefighting course takes place at a professional working fireground in Contes, within a one hour drive from Antibes.  We provide transport there and back, and provide lunch for you on the day.   All equipment is provided by Seascope and students can avail of their training from a team of dedicated and professional Firefighters.

For training in Personal Survival Techniques, you will be taken to the swimming pool, where you will be given Immersion suits and Life-jackets to wear.  It is imperative you are familiar with this equipment in the event of an emergency at sea.  You will learn how a Survival Craft or Liferaft inflates, how to jump in the sea and swim over to board the life-raft, and learn about all the provisions that you will find inside.

The training you receive provides you with the skills and knowledge neccessary to ensure your survival when faced with an emergency at sea.

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