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At Seascope, we provide MCA approved training courses to seafarers and to those wishing to embark on a career at sea.  

Seascope Maritime Training has been in operation since 2004 in the UK, and has gone from strength to strength delivering STCW training courses approved by the MCA, to the highest industry standards.  Our flagship school based in Liverpool has provided training to thousands of seafarers from both Cruise Liner and Ferry companies.  Due to increased demand from crew wishing to work in the Yachting industry over the past few years, we have expanded our school to the South of France, and opened our second training facility in the popular yachting destination of Antibes.

Our highly trained Staff and Instructors are passionate and extremely talented in what they do.  With over 100 years’ combined industry experience, they make Seascope Maritime Training one of the most knowledgeable training providers around.  Whether you decide to take your course in Liverpool or Antibes, you can be assured that you will receive the  highest quality of training.

So, what does STCW mean and who is the MCA?

As mentioned, we deliver STCW courses that are approved by the MCA.  STCW is a convention (detailed below), that was brought into effect and has become mandatory for seafarers on commercial vessels.  The MCA are the people that have approved our school to provide you with that training.

  • STCW stands for Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.  It refers to an international Convention which was introduced in 1978 at the International Maritime Organisation, to ensure standards and procedures of safety and certification were regulated on an international level.  The Convention was then updated in 1995 and again in 2010 in order to bring it into line with modern practices.
    Prior to the introduction of the STCW Convention, the standards of training, certification and watchkeeping were established by individual governments, and as a result, standards and procedures varied greatly.
    The STCW Convention sought to, and has proved successful in regularising international procedure.
  • MCA stands for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. It is an executive agency of the United Kingdom responsible for implementing both British and International Maritime law and safety policy.   The MCA works to prevent the loss of life at sea.  It produces legislation and guidance on maritime matters, ensures vessels meet international safety standards and manages the provision of certification to seafarers.  As an MCA approved Training provider, we are obliged to comply with stringent regulations which ensures the student avails of a safe and professional learning environment.


Our offices in Liverpool and Antibes are open business hours from Monday to Friday, so feel free to phone us or send an e-mail.  We’d be happy to have the opportunity to provide you with any further information you need, regarding the training that you are required to have.

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