Basic and Advanced Firefighting

Basic and Advanced Firefighting

At Seascope, we provide both Basic and Advanced Firefighting courses.

Our Basic Fire-Prevention & Firefighting course is available in Antibes, Liverpool and Barcelona.  It is generally taken by students as part of the mandatory STCW Basic Training.   This course takes two and a half days.  There is no pre-requisite, just that the student is in generally good health.

Our Advanced Firefighting course, available only in Antibes, takes four days to complete.  It forms part of the training required for Crew designated to manage and control fire-fighting operations on board a vessel.  It is required for Deck and Engineering Officers that wish to apply for, or to revalidate a Certificates of Competency.  Students wishing to take this course must hold the Basic Fire-fighting certificate.

Our classroom is in Antibes, and our fire-ground for the practical training is conveniently located in Contes, which is a 35 minute drive from Antibes.  This is unique in the South of France and it will save you having to travel long distances to fire-grounds.

Our training team is made up of experienced Firefighters and Marine Engineering professionals.  Our facilities are located at a working fire-station in the South of France.  The fires we light are real, and our tri-deck simulator  parallels that of a commercial vessel.  We believe that realistic training is the only way to prepare firefighters for the emergencies that they may be faced with one day.

Our course is MCA approved and complies with STCW Code 1978 as amended, meeting the requirements set out in Section A-VI/3.  We issue our own certification so you will receive your certificate immediately on successful completion of the course.



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