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10 Reasons To Work Away At Sea

10 Reasons To Work Away At Sea

10 Reasons To Work Away At Sea


If you have ever become tired of your current job and considered a career change working away at sea may provide the perfect solution for you. With the sea trade economy expected to double in the next 20 years a career away on the worlds oceans can provide a promising future filled with endless opportunities. There are many reasons why to choose a career away at sea. Here are our top 10 we have pulled together:


  1. Excellent Wages- Wages earned by seafarers are normally very generous compared to similar professions ashore.  Due to the nature of jobs at sea and the skills required, starting salaries upon qualification can be in the region of £25,000 to £28,000, depending on the role and company. The real value of wages may often be substantially greater because they are often tax free depending on where you work.
  2. Life Skills- Working away at sea requires you undergo training such as Sea Survival, First Aid, Crisis Management and various other team building exercises. These skills and qualifications ensure that you are not only fully equipped to work away at sea but also ready for the unpredictable events life can throw at you.
  3. Not Your Normal 9-5 Job- A job at sea is totally different to your standard office desk job. If you are bored of your 9 to 5 job a career at sea will make life more fulfilling. With the wide variety of challenging roles available your working day will always be different.
  4. Travel- A career at sea means you can travel literally anywhere in the world. This gives you the chance to experience different cultures and places in exotic locations whilst being paid!
  5. Long Holidays- In a normal job you may only have 2 to 3 weeks of annual leave to enjoy days off and holidays. At sea however, seafarers can enjoy generous leave or holiday periods. A common working period is one month on one month off allowing for longer rest time and more time with family and friends.
  6. Career Flexibility and Security- The training and experience acquired from a career at sea can be utilised across many different industries and sectors. Different roles at sea can offer different experiences and challenges that will equip you for future roles if you choose to go into another industry. The demand for seafarers will ensure that you will always have good job and careers opportunities.
  7. Fast Growth- As mentioned above the sea trade is expected to double in the next 20 years. This means you would be a part of a fast growth industry that is seeing many new ships and vessels being commissioned every year. This helps with job security and offers young seafarers the chance to climb the ranks quicker and take on leadership roles sooner.
  8. Promotion and Progression- Shipping companies often look to promote their current staff to higher roles with more responsibilities. Higher qualifications and courses are generally paid for by your company to help you progress. The salaries for more senior roles away at sea are often higher than the equivalent on land.
  9. Savings- Working away at sea means you will be living on board and receiving meals for free keeping your costs to a minimum. This combined with a good rate of pay will help you accumulate savings to help build your future.
  10. New Friends and Connections- Working on a ship is a unique working environment because it is also home to those working on board. Those working on board ship often develop lasting friendships with their colleagues and have a stimulating life which is different to the experience of many people working ashore. As you travel around the world working at sea you have the chance to build lasting friendships and connections around the globe.


Hopefully our top 10 list has given you a good insight into why you would consider working away at sea. If you would like anymore information about a career away at sea and how we can help you please get in touch either by phone  0151 709 3290   or   email   [email protected]






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