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Student Profile- From The Bobsleigh To The Yachts

Student Profile- From The Bobsleigh To The Yachts

STCW Helps Caroline’s Career ChangeĀ 


Last week saw over 20 new STCW students pass through Seascope’s training center. Each person had their own story and reason for training with us. Some were here to re-fresh previous training, some to up skill their current qualifications. We also had people who have never worked away at sea before and were here to train in STCW to help begin a new career path. One of these people was Caroline Blackburn.


Caroline last week completed a full STCW training course with Seascope which now enables her to work away at sea on board vessels. Her aim with her new ability to work away at sea is use this as a platform to offer her skills and experience to owners and operators of luxury yachts. Caroline specializes in sports massaging and therapy and has previously worked for clients on yachts but only on a day to day basis. She now has her sights set on joining a luxury yacht on a permanent basis and sailing with the vessel.


In Good Hands

Caroline understands all too well about the benefits of recovery and massage therapy. She once competed as an international athlete and was part of the selection squad for Team GB’s Bobsleigh team that prepared for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002. Her valuable experience in competitive sports led her to become a specialist in sports massage and becoming very sought after.

We asked Caroline why did she wish to apply her skills away at sea “I wanted to complete my STCW training so I can work longer periods of time away at sea. I see this as a good opportunity to find a role on a luxury yacht and travel to places such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean”. Asked if she would recommend others to work away at sea Caroline said “Totally. Its great as you get to work as a team and meet new people. Its very good experience”.

This was Caroline’s first time training with Seascope and asked how she found her experience with us “Brilliant, I have met a good group of people who i wish to stay connected to. The training was relaxed and informative and gave me a good insight into potential scenarios away at sea. I would recommend others to train here. It is a great atmosphere, very professional but also laid back. The courses are well organised and structured very well. Asked what the best part of her training was “Definitely the practical parts such as the Fire Fighting and PST in the swimming pool they are very fun too”.


Caroline is a great example of how versatile your options can be working away at sea. You can apply your current skills and qualifications to find opportunities at sea and have the chance to travel around the world. If you would like to see what opportunities and options are waiting for you working away at sea get in touch with us:


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