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STCW Personal Survival Techniques (PST)


About the course

This course covers the syllabus required by the STCW95 Table AVI/1-1 and is part of the mandatory training for seafarers.  It provides students with the knowledge and practical skills required in the event of an emergency at sea along with the necessary steps to take in order to ensure survival.

What you will learn

Personal Survival Techniques covers both theoretical work and practical elements.  The practical session includes a two-hour drill in the water for students to acquire proficiency in the following skills:

  • The correct use of an inflatable life raft
  • Launching
  • Boarding
  • Capsizing drills
  • How to safely abandon ship
  • How to swim while wearing a life jacket
  • Other types of lifesaving appliances

We provide survival immersion suits for each of our students to wear during this course in order to emulate a real-life situation.  We also have our life raft professionally packed so students will understand how to deploy the life raft from its canister.

Please note this is quite a physically demanding course, therefore, any medical condition you have must be brought to our attention prior to booking.

This course is governed under new regulations STCW78 as amended.

  • Cost
    £110.25 / person
  • €250 / person
  • Duration
    1 Days
  • Students
  • Location
    Liverpool, Antibes
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