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What past students have to say about Seascope

What past students have to say about Seascope

When you are looking for a school to complete your STCW Training its always good to know what past students have to say!

Are they professional?

Will they be helpful?

Will they be informative?

Will they be welcoming?

Will they be kind?

This is especially important when you are new to the maritime industry and maybe have some anxiety around the path you are about to travel and also want to make sure that its money well spent on a course where you will feel you have learnt something.

At Seascope we always do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable, provide you with the best possible training and help you on your career journey, all while having a little fun too 🙂

Here is what just some of our past students have said about us:

“Seascope is fast becoming one of the best training schools for people wishing to embark on a career at sea, where students are provided with the highest levels of tuition in a fun and friendly learning environment.”

“Alfie, Frank and Kev were absolutely top notch, I’ve enjoyed my week so much and learnt a lot more than I expected. The content was interesting and the instructors were highly knowledgeable and supportive. I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough!”

“Alfie, Kevin and John are great! They made the course super interactive and fun while also teaching us a great deal of stuff. Small class size too so you get one on one attention and also quickly bond with your group. Look no further than Seascope!”

“Had the most amazing week, Alfie and the team have been outstanding, I want to do it again”

“The best training you can get! Alfie and his team are amazing…Thank you”

“Well I have been at sea for 40 years and been on many courses in that time.   I have just been on my STCW course in Liverpool with Seascope.  Never looking forward to any courses at the best of times but this was excellent.  Very well presented and had fun at the same time.  Big thanks to Alfie for making the course bearable and not boring like most are!  All the best Alfie and thanks, see you in 5 yrs for my refresher”


If you wish to book a course with us please call or email our offices, we would be delighted to welcome you to train with us!

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