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Student Profile- All The Way From KENYA!

Student Profile- All The Way From KENYA!

Paul Travels Far For Training


We often have people who travel fair distances to experience training with us here at Seascope from all across the UK. Due to our specialist training, and a reputation we are proud of, we even have students who fly in from other countries in Europe. But this week we were able to put another pin on our office globe on a new location from where a new student has traveled from. Not only was it a new country, it was also a new continent- Africa!



Meet Paul Nyainda. Paul this week traveled all the way from Mombasa, Kenya to train with Seascope. He is a Marine Engineer who has recently completed a 2 year apprenticeship. Paul has recently found new employment on board a MSC Cruise ship as a full Engineer. But his travelling wont just stop with us. After his training this week Paul made his way to London to visit some family and friends before he has to catch a flight to Japan where he will meet and join his new ship.


Paul had previously obtained his STCW certificates before visiting Seascope. But his new ship requires him to have elements of training that he didn’t have which are Crisis Management & Human Behaviour. In a race against time Paul contacted us and we were able to offer him this course before he left for Japan.

The aim of the course is to increase awareness of persons responsible for the safety of passengers in an emergency situation with particular reference to:

  • Shipboard emergency procedures
  • Controlled response to Emergenices
  • Control and management of passengers and other personnel during an emergency situation
  • Establishment and maintenance of effective communications
  • Dealing with and understanding Crowds in panic situations
  • Shipboard drills


Asking Paul if he would recommend working at sea to others he said “Yes, absolutely. You are able to travel and have adventure around the world. The rate of pay is very good for me and I feel I help contribute towards boosting the local economies. It gives me a good a sense of fulfillment”. We asked Paul also how he found his training with Seascope “This was my first time with your company and I have enjoyed the experience. The course layout was detailed and very interactive. I would recommend others to train here for the easy access of the training center, the cost of courses offer great value for money and the frequency of available training”. Asked what was the best part about training with Seascope he mentioned “The friendly,helpful staff, easy access to the training center and how the tutor made the course fun and interactive”.


With the dedication Paul has show just by how much he was willing to travel to obtain one certificate we here at Seascope are sure he will go on to have a great career at Sea and be a massive asset to his company. Well done Paul and best of luck in the future!


If you are interested to find out more in the course that Paul traveled from Kenya to take or would like to know more about training and working away at sea please get in touch with us either by phone

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