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About the course

STCW Advanced Fire-fighting training forms part of the training required for Deck and Engineering officers wishing to apply for or to validate their Certificates of Competency, along with crew designated to manage and control fire-fighting operations on board the vessel.

The course runs over four days and involves both theoretical and practical fire training.  It is fully approved by the MCA.

In order to qualify for the course, students must be physically fit and hold an STCW Basic Fire Prevention and Fire-fighting certificate.

Our classroom is in Antibes, and our fire-ground for the practical training is conveniently located in Contes, which is a 35 minute drive from Antibes.  This is unique in the South of France and it will save you having to travel long distances to fire-grounds, as can be the case with other training companies.

Our training team is made up of experienced Firefighters and Marine Engineering professionals.  Our facilities are located at a working fire-station in the South of France.  The fires we light are real, and our tri-deck simulator  parallels that of a commercial vessel.  We believe that realistic training is the only way to prepare firefighters for the emergencies that they may be faced with one day.

Our course is MCA approved and complies with STCW Code 1978 as amended, meeting the requirements set out in Section A-VI/3.  We issue our own certification so you will receive your certificate immediately on successful completion of the course.




What you will learn

Course content includes:

  • Classification of Fires and Methods of Extinguishment
  • Fire-fighting Installations and Detection Systems
  • Respiration and Breathing Apparatus
  • Command and Control
  • Fire Team Organisation
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Search and Rescue
  • Casualty Response and Management
  • Stability Issues
  • Hazardous Cargo
  • Fire Investigation and Reporting

Take advantage of the course being fully run within the area at an affordable price and acquire your Advanced Fire-Fighting certificate this winter.  Call our office today or email to book your place.

  • Cost
    £ / person
  • €1100 / person
  • Duration
    4 Days
  • Students
  • Location
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Next Course Dates

Location Start End
Antibes 18 Dec 17 21 Dec 17
Antibes 22 Jan 18 25 Jan 18
Antibes 19 Feb 18 22 Feb 18
Antibes 19 Mar 18 22 Mar 18
Antibes 15 Apr 18 18 Apr 18

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