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Student Profiles- An Englishman, a Nigerian and a Frenchman all walked in to a room….

Student Profiles- An Englishman, a Nigerian and a Frenchman all walked in to a room….

EDH Course Sees Students From All Nationalities

We last week held another Efficient Deck Hand course here at Seascope Martime Training in Liverpool. Now,we are used to having students travel from all areas to attend our courses. But this course in particular provided a great range of nationalities- an Englishman, a Nigerian and a Frenchman! Seascope had the pleasure of providing an EDH course for Steven Booker, Bassey Nyong Okon and Francois Dalaine. 3 individuals, 3 different job roles, but all with the same ambition- to progress their careers and job prospects working away at sea.

Steven, based in Cheshire, works onboard a private yacht based in the Mediterranean.  Bassey, from Akwa Ibon Nigeria, works as an Able Seaman away at sea. Francois, from France, works as a Captain on a charter vessel. All 3 attended the EDH course to gain a worldwide recognised qualification that sets them on course for future career progressions.

EDH Course

Efficient Deckhand course is both a theoretical and practical course that gives a basic understanding of shipboard operations on Deck. The course is 5-days long and includes an touch practical examination at the end of it. The course covers:

The course will cover;

  • Shipboard organisation, parts of a vessel, deck equipment, lookout reporting, helm orders, anchoring and mooring arrangements
  • Pilot ladders, gangways, access points
  • Cargo – Hatch covers, derricks and cranes, blocks and tackles, containers and securing arrangements etc
  • Safety – COSWOP, IMO safety signs, enclosed spaces, fire extinguishers, lifeboat and life raft launching
  • Seamanship – Rope types and construction, knots, bends and hitches, rigging a boson’s chair and stage, rope and wire splicing, whipping and seizing, parcelling and serving

This course is governed under new regulations STCW78 as amended.

We are happy to say all 3 passed with flying colours!

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Francois Dalain, who has worked away at sea for 7-years, now plans to use his EDH certificate to springboard his career prospects- ” I now will continue my progression to find roles available on larger vessels”. Asked what he likes best about working away at sea he mentioned ” I have a passion for my job and enjoy my work and the fact i get to travel alot. I had to fly from Madagascar just to attend this course!”.

Bassey Okon, who himself has been away at sea for 4-years, will use this new qualification to continue his career path toward becoming a Ship’s Officer- a very high ranking position away at sea. Asked about his own experience at sea Bassey mentioned ”My salary is good and I enjoy the fact i get to work with and meet different people from different backgrounds and religions”.

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If you would like to know more information on our EDH courses we have running please click on our link: https://seascopemaritimetraining.com/courses/efficient-deckhand-edh/

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