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Efficient Deckhand (EDH)

Efficient Deckhand (EDH)



Monday 5th August 2019 to Friday 9th August 2019

Monday 14th September 2019 to Friday 18th September 2019

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0151 709 3290

Efficient Deckhand course is both a theoretical and practical course that gives a basic understanding of shipboard operations on Deck.

The pre-requisites for this course are; Candidates must be at least 17 years old, have completed the mandatory STCW courses, and at least one of the following

  • MCA accepted Yachtmaster Offshore certificate
  • Yacht Rating with at least 6 months sea service
  • Service in fishing vessels of more than 15 metres registered length is also acceptable, the required sea time being 12 months
  • Deck Officer (Fishing Vessel) CoC

The course will cover;

  • Shipboard organisation, parts of a vessel, deck equipment, lookout reporting, helm orders, anchoring and mooring arrangements
  • Pilot ladders, gangways, access points
  • Cargo – Hatch covers, derricks and cranes, blocks and tackles, containers and securing arrangements etc
  • Safety – COSWOP, IMO safety signs, enclosed spaces, fire extinguishers, lifeboat and life raft launching
  • Seamanship – Rope types and construction, knots, bends and hitches, rigging a boson’s chair and stage, rope and wire splicing, whipping and seizing, parcelling and serving

This course is governed under new regulations STCW78 as amended.


Break down EDH

-EDH (including exam 5 days) £469.00

-EDH (No exam 4 days) £429.00

EDH students need 6 months proof of  seatime to take exam- age 17+ If worked on 400 tonne ship- 1 day= 1 day served Under 400 tonne- 1 day= ½ day (so would need 12 months)





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